Who are we

Fundación CANNA is a non-profit initiative of the CANNA España Fertilizantes SL company, a multi-national company producing high quality fertilizers for fast growing plants.

The Foundation carries out studies and conducts research on Cannabis and its active compounds. Its main focus is on:

  • Cannabis plants and their active compounds, related studies and scientific research, especially regarding its effects on the human body and mind.
  • Scientific research regarding Cannabis use and its derivatives.

Fundación CANNA has a laboratory where different kind of tests are performed.

The idea of the Foundation was conceived out of the need to offer an answer to a broad demand for testing and research.

Fundación CANNA financially supports different congresses, iniciatives and (clinical) studies in order to push forward the knowlegde about cannabinoids as a medicine. Help us to support more studies and clinical trials by becoming a donor!

Board of Scientific Members:

MSc. Iñaki García

Prof. Manuel Guzmán

Susan van Brunschot

MD Mariano Garcia de Palau

MSc. Iñaki García

Iñaki García. Technical Agricultural Engineer and Graduate in Biotechnology. Working since 1999 in the cannabis industry. He has worked as an adviser on the use and development of fertilisers and additives for cannabis and currently holds the post of technical and scientific director at the laboratory run by the Fundación Canna.

During his time with the Foundation, he has developed analytical methods for quantifying cannabinoids and terpenes in different cannabis-based products and has designed and performed various studies related to the quality of these products.

His passion for the plant led him to study genetic plant improvement and his master's dissertation was on analytical methods applied to the improvement of cannabis.

Prof. Manuel Guzmán

Manuel Guzmán is Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Complutense University of Madrid, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy, and member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines. His research focuses on the study of the mechanism of action and therapeutic properties of cannabinoids, especially in the nervous system.

This work has given rise to more than one hundred publications in specialized international journals, as well as to several international patents on the possible therapeutic applications of cannabinoids as anticancer and neuroprotective drugs. He routinely collaborates with scientific reviewing and funding agencies.

Susan van Brunschot

In 2011 Susan van Brunschot had the idea to create a non profit foundation aimed to study the Cannabis plant and its deratives as well as educating the general public about Cannabis.

Susan already worked for 7 years as the CEO of CANNA Espana Fertilizantes SL. The CANNA company was delighted about the idea and as a result Fundación CANNA was born. Susan studied International Business at the University of Amsterdam (Hogeschool Holland, 2000).

Within Fundación CANNA she is mainly responsible for strategic growth and further expansion of education to a broader public.

MD Mariano Garcia de Palau

Born in Barcelona, 17 February 1956. Graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona in 1979. For 38 years has worked as an emergency physician in the area of occupational medicine.

He became interested in cannabis by chance, and for the last 15 years has studied its therapeutic uses.

He currently works at Kalapa Clinic, where he advises on treatments with cannabinoids, performs clinical work with patients and collaborates with different organisations and associations such as Catfac.

He is a member of the Spanish Observatory for Medicinal Cannabis.

He is a regular member of IACM.