What do we do

All information offered to you through our website requires a dedicated team, time and financial resources.

Thanks to your donations as well as the laboratory services of our Foundation, we are able to continue our research & investigation on this marvellous plant and its compounds, support other research studies and set up more international collaborations. All this we do in order to offer an extensive source of information for all Cannabis users worldwide.

In 2016 Fundación CANNA collaborated and gave financial support to several institutions so that they could continue their events:

Congresses / Institutes

Seminars and trades


In 2015 Fundación CANNA collaborated and financially supported several institutions so they can continue their events:



  • ICEERS: lifetime study on cannabis use by medical users: this study investigates the effects of the use of cannabis in all forms during a period of 3 years.


  • Co-producing and financially support on “The Scientist; a documentary about the life of Professor Raphael Mechoulam who was the first one to isolate THC.
  • Workshops in collaboration with Americans for Safe Access: learning about product safety and how to follow that. Download PDF


Fundación CANNA collaborates with several universities, hospitals and researches.