How long does a sample take to be analyzed?

After receiving the payment, a sample analyzed for cannabinoids normally takes about 10 working days for the results to be sent. However, for various reasons, this time may be somewhat longer. Therefore, when we send you the proforma invoice, in that email we will indicate an approximate time to obtain results. It is very important that you review this date.

And the results can not be send faster?

There are faster methods of analysis by HPLC cannabinoids but for the moment those are not able to distinguish between all the cannabinoids present in a sample. With rapid methods some cannabinoids are confused with others, which means not accurate results. At Fundación CANNA we value more the accuracy than the speed.

Is there a difference in the time it takes to conduct a cannabinoid or other type of analysis?

Yes. An analysis of cannabinoids or terpenoids takes about 10 business days. A microbiological analysis may take 15-20 working days, as it is an analytical process that takes longer.

How does Fundación CANNA ensure the accuracy of its tests?

Fundación CANNA carries out tests on the most advanced machinery that allows for very detailed and reliable results. Every sample is triple checked to guarantee its quality.

Fundación CANNA works by the standards set by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Each sample is analyzed at three different concentrations which allows us to verify that the results are reliable and offer very low limits of quantification. Before and during the analysis, samples with known levels of cannabinoids are analyzed to ensure that the operation of the machine is correctly.

What does quantification limits mean?

It means the minimum amount of cannabinoids present which can be quantified with a minimum error. This limit is 0.05%, which means that those samples whose value is less than 0.05% can not be quantified exactly. These at the report will be expresses as <0.05%.

How does Fundación CANNA check its own method?

Fundación CANNA regularly works with different laboratories worldwide for cross checking of the methods used.

I am a consumer, can I send my sample to you?

Fundación CANNA only works with VAT registered companies.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

No, we only accept bank transfer.

If you want to make a donation, you can use Paypal payments. In the case of paying by PayPal, the costs must be added to the invoice.

What are the hours to receive samples?

From Monday to Friday between 10:00 – 17:00

Do you pick up samples?

No. Sending samples is the responsibility of the client.

Can I publish my results?

Yes, you can publish the results of the batch which was analyzed. Any falsification or modification of the results will be investigated and the client will be excluded.