Microbiological test

Mould and bacteria can be found everywhere. Some of these microorganisms are harmful for humans. Cannabis, like any other product, is susceptible to containing microorganisms acquired during cultivation, drying, processing and conservation.

Microbiological Test

It is possible to know the total amount of microorganisms present in a sample by the microbiological test, which gives us an idea of its quality. It is also possible to identify microorganisms which can cause severe damage to human health such as E. coli.

Parameters of microbiological quality

A high amount of microorganisms in a sample is indicative of having not properly followed the basic hygiene recommendations during cultivation, processing and storage stages.

Types of samples recommended: any sample (vegetable or extract), of which the microbiological quality needs to be known.

Parameters to measure:

  • Total aerobic microorganisms
  • Total fungi and yeasts
  • Enterobacteria

Microorganisms indicative of sanitary quality

The test consists of knowing if the sample contains any microorganism that can severely damage health when consumed.

Parameters to measure: presence or absence of indicator microorganisms. Contact us for a full list of indicator microorganisms that we can identify.

NOTE: This test is solely intended for the purposes of information and risk reduction. If you require an official test for placing a food product on sale, please contact the relevant ministry or authority in your country to find out where you can have an official test of your product made.