Multi-residue pesticides test

The cannabis plant is susceptible to a number of plagues and diseases during all phases of cultivation and it is common practise to use a variety of pesticides to combat these risks. However, given the absence of regulation, there are no non-ecological pesticides whose use is authorised in cannabis plants intended for consumption. This constitutes a risk for users because of the pesticide residue that can be left on the plant.

Análisis de Terpenoides

This is especially important in the case of extracts, given that it is not only the cannabinoids that are concentrated, but also any pesticide residue in the plant matter. So for example, the quantity of pesticide residue may be undetectable in the plant matter yet exceed the recommended limits when an extract is made.

There has been a clear increase in the production of hemp derivatives for consumption. Some companies that were already producing hemp for industrial purposes (e.g. in fibres) have found an outlet for previously unused plant matter, which is now used to make this type of product for consumption. When hemp is produced for fibres, the use of pesticides does not constitute a health problem since the final product is not going to be consumed. However, pesticide residue that represents no risk when the product is used for fibre may constitute a health hazard if the product is going to be consumed. As a result, hemp products for consumption prepared from crops designed for fibre production have a high risk of pesticide contamination.

Fundación CANNA can provide anyone so wishing with a test of pesticide residue in hemp-derived products. Using two different chromatographic techniques (liquid and gas chromatography, both with a mass/mass detector) up to 200 pesticide residues can be identified and quantified.

NOTE: This test is solely intended for the purposes of information and risk reduction. If you require an official test for placing a food product on sale, please contact the relevant ministry or authority in your country to find out where you can have an official test of your product made.